2013 The Year of Digital Marketing: The Internet Marketing Revolution

The increase use of digital media

According to a comprehensive analysis by Morgan Stanley, 91% of people always keep their phone within  3 ft around 24 hours a day. Because communication systems have become ever more comprehensive and integrated, it makes sense that every day more and more people use their mobile devices to read news, listen to the radio, and watch the programs that they want to watch. The shift in the relative time people spend near “traditional media” is shrinking. It is predicted that in the year 2013 digital marketing would take close to 70 percent of all successful marketing campaigns, even those that have traditionally relied on printed media in the past.

The importance of digital marketing

The increase use of digital media2013 is a revolutionary year according to several online marketing sources. As technologies make it possible for more and more people to have an integrated online experience, all marketing should focus around conveniently delivering to the customer the products and services in such a way that it require a minimal effort for him/her. As search engines provide more comprehensive services, for instance Google developing the Knowledge Graph, more and more people are expected to focus on the online image of a business before actually committing to do a local purchase decision. People use the internet to read reviews, get advice, and develop a perception of an establishment to decide if he/she wants to conduct business with the company.

It is important for your company to develop the right kind of online content and marketing strategy if you wish your company to be successful in the year 2013 and beyond. Business that fail to provide a significantly comprehensive service by taking advantage of online resources and tools, will see a drastic drop in their new clients. Do not let your competitors put you out of business, focus on developing an integrated online image that will attract new customers and increase brand loyalty with your existing clients.

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