Checking your SEO rankings without affecting your CTR

Why manually checking for your primary keyword ranking in Google is a bad idea?

When small business owners start an SEO campaign, they might be tempted to check their rankings in Google directly. They might go straight to from their phone or desktop and just type their primary keyword. However, this can end

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Quick Tips to Help You Take Great Pictures with Your Smartphone

Get Close to Your Subjects: Most smart phone cameras are better utilized when pointed closely at your subject. Use the focus feature by tapping on what you want to be in focus. Find the Best Light: If you’re taking a photo of something

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2015 Digital Marketing in the RGV Survey Results

What features do customers in the Rio Grande Valley look for when visiting a website? What are the recommendations and preferences when it comes to using local sites? We conducted a comprehensive digital marketing survey in the Rio Grande Valley

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The most expensive homes in the RGV

Where are the most expensive homes in the RGV?

Although it is not a fire-proof method, home prices generally indicate how affluent a neighborhood is. However, historical pricing data and even general tax information sometimes do not yield the full picture of a neighborhood. Certain home features are not taken

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RGV Real Estate Market Analysis

Craigslist Real Estate Market Analysis of the Rio Grande Valley

Craigslist is one of the most visited websites in the Rio Grande Valley. Alexa and Quantcast both place Craigslist as a very popular site for people with an IP address from the counties of Hidalgo, Starr, and Cameron. Thousands of people

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Social Medica can influence consumer behavior

How Does Social Media Influence Consumer Behavior

Social media can be a useful platform to help a business connect and engage with its core customers. If done correctly, social media can prove to be a very powerful tool to help expand a business’s marketing efforts. Below are

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Drone Photography in McAllen

Aerial Drone Photography in McAllen, TX

From amazing sunset time-lapse pictures of your building to impressive aerial footage of your wedding or outdoor event, commercial drone photography can make any moment extraordinary. What is aerial photography and how can you use it for events? With advances

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What is Facebook Remarketing and How it Can Help Small Business?

People rarely make a purchase decision when they first encounter a product or service. It might take dozens of product encounters before a prospect is fully convinced about purchasing what you have to offer. Meet Facebook Remarketing for Small Business!

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What is More Important Facebook Post Reach or Facebook Post Engagement?

Facebook is not intuitive to most business owners. The terminology of this social media platform might seem esoteric at times. However, Facebook can be a gold mine for business owners looking to expand their online presence. One of the most common

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How to Measure Social Media ROI for Small Businesses

A big misconception about social media marketing is that an update by itself can expand business reach. While it is true that companies need to update their social profiles often; there is more to the story. Below are three important

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