What is Data-Driven Web Design?

Data Driven Web DesignWith the dramatic increase of competition and the explosion of information in this digital era, everything matters when it comes to finding the competitive edge. While in the past creativity and often luck alone accounted for most of factors that helped businesses grow seemly out of nowhere, today few things are as important as having the right business strategy. When it comes to building websites, the most important factor is often how well customers will resonate with the design of the website. A good website in the 21st century is not only one that allows easy navigation and decent graphical display of information. Effective websites are the ones that are intuitive and help customers find what they need in as few seconds as possible. Lean website design is the first part of the question. However, even the simplest and most intuitive of the websites might fall prey of the cognitive biases of users. Therefore, it is essential to understand your customer.

How can Data Driven Design help you reach a higher ROI?

Data-centric design is a new model of thinking when it comes to building websites. While graphics designers focus on making things look pretty, data science informs about what designs, colors, and elements yield the best return on investment. Data driven design focuses on testing and continuously optimizing a website to find a perfect user-interaction point that helps the customer get the most return on investment.

For example, for a website that receives a lot of traffic from Facebook promotion, perhaps having a hyper lean and fast design with certain blue-hues might integrate the best with traffic coming out of Facebook. A straightforward and simple user experience might help customers engage more and increase transactions.

Web Design Psychology

When it comes to human-computer interaction, psychology helps inform how to help our customers to better interact with our businesses. A slow website with confusing elements might generate stress and a negative subliminal association with your business. However, a fast website with the wrong placing of elements or an interface that is not optimized for the right kind of business transaction might end up being a costly mistake.

Web design psychology deals with the proper placing of colors, elements, and styles that best convey your brand and help deliver a unified brand experience. The right kind of user experience can help enhance business transactions and increase brand loyalty. Human psychology has never been as important as it is in today’s hyper competitive market, where often split-second decisions help make a company either an overnight success or a complete failure.

Facebook Intelligence

Psychology and Big Data Meet

With the increased amount of user-generated data available online, website owners can develop customized website experiments to help them better understand their customers’ psychological state of mind. With advanced business intelligence tools, you can understand your customers’ behavior and predict what will generate the best return on investment. From Google’s Big Query to Facebook IQ, there is plenty of ways you can integrate the latest in big data research to your competitive advantage without having to spend thousands of dollars in the process.

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