What is Facebook Remarketing and How it Can Help Small Business?

People rarely make a purchase decision when they first encounter a product or service. It might take dozens of product encounters before a prospect is fully convinced about purchasing what you have to offer.

Meet Facebook Remarketing for Small Business!

Your website might hold the key to transforming a weary prospect into a loyal client. The secret is staying relevant in your customer’s life. Perhaps they already like your product or service but they just need an extra push to buy it. Facebook Remarketing is a great way to remind your customers about your product or service even weeks after they first visit your site.

The way Facebook Remarketing for Small Business works is by tracking your customer’s interactions in your site. When a client or prospect visits your website, they will send a signal to Facebook about the interaction. Facebook groups your past website visitors based on preset rules and allows you to send them targeted Facebook ads. Multiple exposures to ad variations might help you keep your customers engaged with your brand and might help you increase sales in the long run.

Facebook Pixel TagFacebook Remarketing is a powerful tool to connect with people who might fall between the cracks of your marketing campaigns. By keeping your past website visitors engaged with your Facebook ads you might significantly improve your marketing efforts. Of course, you do need to remember that Facebook will only track site visitors who are logged in to their Facebook accounts and will only monitor websites that have the Facebook Remarketing Pixel Tag. You might need some assistance implementing this small piece of code if you do not feel confident modifying your site code. Nevertheless, the benefits for small business using Facebook Remarketing are significant.

Facebook Remarketing

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