Google Shutting Down Google Helpouts

Google is just being Google again. This 2015 year started with already a negative note for Google Glass. It seems that Google is on a cutting spree with its latest move. Google Helpouts will be rolling out of existence this April.


What is Google Helpouts?

Google tried to tackle Udemy and Fiverr with one shot when they launched this product back in 2013. Google Helpouts allowed people to connect with experts in any given field and consult with them. Google facilitated the money exchange instead of relying on third party applications. Yet, the product never took off en masse. This announcement comes after Google announced the new Live Support feature to help prospects decide what Google products to buy.

Google is at odds with its core policy of innovation and continuous support for not popular products (Google Reader, Schemer, Google Answers, etc).

It will be interesting to see what other products will Google shut down this year. Google needs to revamp its branding campaign to help users feel less anxious about using Google products. At any point Google might shut down your favorite product. That is definitely not a good strategy for brand loyalty. -Jorge Chipres, Dir. Red Ant Digital Marketing.



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