What is IM Competitive Analysis?

Digital marketing requires a complex understanding of both online and offline behavior. Internet Marketing Competitive Analysis is the process of understanding your direct competitors and what they are doing online. Using advanced marketing and automatic tools, we are able to give you an eagle-view of what your competition is doing and what you can do to surpass them. We analyze different marketing trends in both short- and long-term and try to find the perfect optimization strategy that takes into account your current marketplace.

Assume that your competition is always doing something very good and something very bad. Try to improve on the good and learn from their mistakes.

What makes our competitive analysis so different?

Keyword TargetingMost local digital marketing agencies fail to take into account the complete online ecosystem and only specialize in a particular segment. We take into account that each business and each market is unique and we must carefully analyze all the key players to understand how to deliver a “better message”. We focus on creating loyal and engaged customers that will keep on coming and we find them by looking at your business competition holistically.

We take into account different engagement metrics and points-of-contact that your competition is currently using. We start with the idea that your competitor’s clients could be your clients if they understood your business correctly.

The right message + the right marketing strategy + the right medium + the right time = increased business for you.

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