Quick Tips to Help You Take Great Pictures with Your Smartphone

  • Get Close to Your Subjects: Most smart phone cameras are better utilized when pointed closely at your subject. Use the focus feature by tapping on what you want to be in focus.
  • Find the Best Light: If you’re taking a photo of something that can be moved, move it toward some light. The SUN is your friend. Taking pictures in bright light will make your image look more alive and it will also help your camera to capture more detail. 
  • Backgrounds are Important: Always consider your background when taking photos. Don’t let a messy or distracting background take away from your subject
  • Make Sure Your Lens is CLEAN: Use your shirt to wipe your lens before a picture to remove any dirt that might make your picture blurry or less clear
  • Crop Don’t Zoom: Image quality quickly deteriorates when you zoom in . Snap the photo as is then crop after to get the end result.
  • Use square feature for Instagram: If you plan to post your photo to Instagram, use the square photo feature. That way you can make sure everything will fit into the frame once you open it in Instagram. 

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