2015 Digital Marketing in the RGV Survey Results

What features do customers in the Rio Grande Valley look for when visiting a website? What are the recommendations and preferences when it comes to using local sites? Google Consumer SurveysWe conducted a comprehensive digital marketing survey in the Rio Grande Valley to help our clients understand the typical online user in South Texas. The enterprise solution of Google Consumer Surveys was used to accomplish this. We segmented our audience to only include individuals with an IP address in the Hidalgo, Cameron, or Starr Counties. 500 voluntary survey responders were reached via the Google Display Network within Google Consumer Surveys.


46% of responders mentioned design improvements as one of the most important aspects for local business websites. Responses included: bright colors, ease of use, easier navigation, flat design, professionally designed and maintained site, etcetera. 16% mentioned relevant content information as one of the most important features. For example: maps, hours of operation, regular updates, current information, etcetera. 16% mentioned deals and specials as essential features of a local website. Of the responders between the ages of 20-40, 70% of them log into Facebook at least once a day. Of all responders, 80% of smartphone users mentioned that they search in Google for a business before visiting the actual physical store (looking for coupons, maps, hours of operation, alternatives, etcetera). 3 out of 4 responders pointed out that the online reputation of a business has an impact on their perception of the company. ResponseTime-RGVDigital ResponseHour-RGVDigital

Key Takeaways:

It is important for local businesses to have updated business information on their websites, but customers are also looking for an efficient website browsing experience. A professional website design focused on ease of access and simplicity seems to be the most adequate for clients in the Rio Grande Valley. Encouragement of social media interaction appears to play a significant role in the age group between 20-40 years old since they are the ones more likely to be active on social media. A considerable number of people with smartphones use their devices to find out more about the company; therefore, it is important to have a mobile-friendly business website with essential information such as hours of operation and contact options prominently displayed. In addition, it is important to continuously monitor business reviews on different platforms since most customers form an impression of a company based on these reviews. To receive updates and exclusive reports about our research in the Rio Grande Valley, please subscribe to our newsletter.

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