How can search engines help your local business grow

Search engine optimization

[McAllen Content] Search engines are websites that act as portals of information. They gather data from around the web and aggregate that information based on relevant search terms and present that information to users looking for a particular keyword (search term). Some people like to think of them as the evolution of Yellow Pages. Yet, contrary to the popular directory, search engines make complex rules (algorithms) to decide who goes first in a particular search result.

Why is all this relevant? Well every day millions of people in the United States alone search for products or services with the intent of buying. In fact, Google completed 1.2 trillion searches just in 2012 alone. According to a study by Chitika, 40 percent of searches are local, which means potential clients for small and medium-sized business.

Search engine optimizationWhen a client searches for something in Google, they are looking for the best results. If they search for restaurants, they want the best restaurants. If they search for doctors, they want the most respectable doctors. If your website is optimized for search engines (especially Google), you have a higher chance of being considered relevant and for the client to buy decision. Google has become, in a way, a rigid review site that keeps bad websites out of its index. By complying with Google’s rules and regulations and using advanced search engine optimization techniques you can help your clients find you easily.

There are two types of search engine marketing techniques: organic and advertising. Organic search results get the highest click-thru-rate but are the hardest to optimize for. Paid advertising uses Google’s massive network to display ad-messages.

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