Aerial Drone Photography in McAllen, TX

Drone Photography in McAllen

From amazing sunset time-lapse pictures of your building to impressive aerial footage of your wedding or outdoor event, commercial drone photography can make any moment extraordinary.

What is aerial photography and how can you use it for events?

With advances in lightweight, high resolution, cameras and the power of remote control aerial drones, the possibility of affordable aerial photography is nowhere. A high-resolution camera is mounted on a flying small aircraft and via remote control, the drone can take amazing low altitude pictures and video of a venue or event. This innovative type of photography has been available for a couple of years ago but due to the limitations of the technology it was very expensive. Nowadays, commercial drone photography is a possibility for most people.

From outdoor wedding celebrations to racetracks and outdoor sports events, flying drone photography can record a unique angle to life and make extraordinary memories.

Aerial Drone Photography Rental Cost

Drone Photography can enhance your eventThe rate of most aerial drone photography sessions depends on the venue and the type of video/picture requested. Most commercial drone operators charge an hourly fee depending on the kind of footage requested and the required video/images edits.

Please contact us to connect with an aerial drone video/photography specialist and get your free quote.

Common usages for drone cameras:

  • Farm and field surveys
  • Real estate promotional videos
  • Outdoor weddings and religious events
  • City marketing clips and tourism promotion
  • Sports club’s advertising and important games recording
  • Footage for films/productions
  • Special news reporting

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