How Should Your Content Marketing Strategy Look This 2016

Here’s a short explanation on what content marketing is.  This marketing strategy is focused on developing and sharing attractive, relevant, and steady content to engage and retain a certain audience. Content can be presented in various ways like videos, photos, news, e-mails, podcasts, blogs, etc.  In raw terms, it’s a way to communicate with your potential customers without selling them anything. By doing this you’re showing them that you’re trustable enough and you’re giving them time to know and like your business before they start buying your brand.

 marketing strategy 2016 01To develop a new marketing strategy with good content marketing you should keep in mind the continuous growth of interactive content on the web. Companies are developing new ways to show brand content through a variety of strategies like that showcase videos and visuals. Some tools still in development and already attracting the attention of people are the Oculus Rift, VR tools, augmented reality, 360° videos, and other visual media content that you can already find on the web. These tools keep people engaged and entertained – they’re catching their attention.

Take note as well of the feature on social media to promote your publications. This tool will help your business reach out more people that may not be aware of what you offer – make sure to promote enough content that attracts people to your pages.

marketing strategy 2016 02Always remember to have lots and lots of visuals to keep people engaged with your media.  Make sure you create enough eye-catching content to publish and maintain people in touch with your brand. Videos are dominating people’s newsfeeds – you should incorporate some videos to your strategies, keeping them short and interesting (engaging the user from the beginning).

In this era in which our smart phones can build content almost similar to the one we used to see on T.V. using different apps and features, it is possible to create content that attracts the public and publish it instantly. You have to learn a lot about the apps of the moment or the features that are available for your phone so that way you can exploit it the best way possible.

As a final tip, make sure that all the content that you’re offering is responsive through mobiles. We expect to see an increment on the use of mobile devices to make online purchases and interact with web content. People are fascinated with their phones – make sure they can see what you offer on their smart phone!

Write a comment below if you believe there are other areas to focus on with your strategy….

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